IT Solutions for Banks & Businesses

  • Technology
    Bluewater Consulting Group partners with your business. Whether you are a financial institution or a small business. We make sure all your technology needs are covered.

  • Teamwork
    Our consulting and technology solutions will help guide your team through an ever changing Technological world. We customize a network that works with your team.

  • Trust
    We listen to what your technology goals are. Assist your team in accomplishing these goals and design and implement your IT infrastructure to fit your individual business.


Bluewater Consulting Group understands that financial institutions are under more pressure than ever to protect and manage their networks, but have minimal time to devote to the ever-growing complexity of IT operations and enhanced regulatory requirements.

Your business can’t risk non-compliance, a data breach or poor ratings from an auditor! Let Bluewater perform the necessary assessments that are needed for your business’ success and security.

A Business Continuity and Disaster Plan will help to insure the safety of your employees and customers. It will safeguard the operations of your institutions from being significantly impacted by disasters. A Continuity Plan will document the recovery strategies, essential resources, plans and procedures necessary to reduce exposure of your institution to financial loss because of the disaster.

Bluewater Consulting Group provides IT Solutions for Banks and Businesses in the Philadelphia and the surrounding Tri-State area. We are located in Conshohocken, PA and provide quality Network and IT support for financial institutions in South New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.