Elevator Speech


Bluewater’s President, Charlie Clauss, brings a top down approach to solving complex business problems. His experience has continued to evolve and keep pace with today’s fast-paced Information Technology world. Charlie has built a team of savvy and dedicated IT engineers that share the philosophy of finding the exact solution to fit the client’s needs, and then provide services where it makes economic sense for the client and Bluewater.

Technology – Teamwork – Trust

  • We first work to understand your business and how technology is being used (or how you want it to be used) to achieve your business goals.
  • We then work to determine if, and then how, Bluewater can assist your team to move toward those objectives.
  • We then work to achieve your trust in our ability to effectively attain your desired results.

Whether you are a community bank or a local small business, whether you need IT services or IT audit work, Bluewater can create the solution to meet your needs.”

Reducing the ratio of IT issues to tough business questions– is our belief. We are bringing real value to them. The ultimate goal is to allow them to focus their time, efforts and attention on growing their core business.

Our approach to Information Technology and Security solutions is to begin with an understanding of our client’s business requirements and goals. We then match technology and security solutions to support their strategy.