What Our Clients Think


“This company was founded ten years ago and we turned to Bluewater for help right away. They have served as consultants and intimate partners in our business since day one – actually before day one.” We believe the team at Bluewater to be knowledgeable and highly competent, but even more importantly, we trust them to direct us to the right solutions to our problems and to always treat us fairly. There is nothing more important in a 3rd party vendor relationship than trust, and Bluewater has never let us down. I can give anyone who asks an unqualified endorsement of Bluewater.”

Joseph Major, Founder &  Bank Leader – The Victory Bank, Montgomery County, PA


“We have contracted with Bluewater for almost a decade.   Bluewater guided us through several upgrades for our desktops and virtual servers, and our transition to the cloud. They are very competent and their responsiveness to our needs is never an issue. They complete almost all work remotely to minimize costs and expedite the time it takes to affect issues. When we moved our office, Bluewater coordinated the bids for the contractors to install the IT wiring and dealt with all other IT aspects of the project to move us to our new location. There were absolutely no issues. It was a seamless transition. Bluewater closely works with our office in dealing with the challenges of an ever-evolving IT environment. I highly recommend Bluewater as a trusted, competent, responsive and ethical IT partner.”

John J. Rongione, Administrator – SEIU Local 32BJ District 36 Benefit Funds, Philadelphia, PA