For Financial Institutions


In this ever changing world of technology and virtualization, most financial institution’s primary technology concerns security, continuity and performance.

  • The Bluewater Team can be your complete IT department or simply and extension of your bank/credit union’s IT team. We know that every financial institution is different, so we have designed our solutions with customizable options based on your current size, budget and unique network management philosophy.
  • When it comes time to face an IT examiner – the Bluewater team has the experience to assist your institution in developing an overall Information Security Program that is both practical and cost-effective. Changing technology also means changing policies and procedures, regulations and documentation. Bluewater can assist with all of these time consuming and cost incurring tasks. We can help by minimizing paperwork, making sure that Risk Assessment keeps pace with technology. We help perform and document Perimeter testing, Vulnerability Assessments, and IT Audits that are required by examiners.
  • The Bluewater Team can supply the IT infrastructure, security and auditing services your business model needs for security, continuity and performance. Whether your financial institution’s model is a Credit Union, Denovo , smaller Community Bank or a Regional Community Bank with fifty branches.