Remote Monitoring


You CAN have the daily peace of mind that your network is up and running with the use of Bluewater Consulting Groups Remote Monitoring program!

Our Remote Monitoring Service is done by remotely connecting to your environment every day to ensure there is an eye looking out for power failures, completed backups and replications and the status of virus protection.

Along with our daily check we expand our review and report monthly on seven keys areas.

  1. Server Hardware Health
  2. Virtual Host Status
  3. Backup & Replication History
  4. Exchange Database Health
  5. Power Outages
  6. Antivirus Scans and Updates
  7. Server Storage Capacity & Limits

Our monthly reporting and customizable monitoring = More Proactivity and Less Worry

Remote Access to Network Files

Empower your employees and business partners with secure remote access to their files… from anywhere, at any time, without a VPN!

With the ability to access work files and folders from anywhere, Bluewater helps you keep your business connected at all times.

Board members, virtual office managers, sales teams and employees working from home (or off site) can securely view, access and share their pertinent information from any location securly.

  • Integrates with Outlook Web Access to provide remote file access without the need for a VPN.
  • Browser-based access to the full range of corporate resources on file servers or users’ desktops.
  • You define who can access which files and the type of access permitted for each user.
  • A simple and intuitive interface that presents files and folders in the familiar Windows look and feel with the ability to tailor settings according to user’s preferences.
  • Has a full range of desktop-like functionality (open, rename, save, create shortcut, create a folder, upload and download files, zip and download file or folder, etc.) as if the user was working directly on the office computer.
  • Works with existing security measures already in place.
  • Access from mobile devices including iPads, IPhones, and Android devices.

Microsoft Exchange Email Management

Ever wondered what is taking up so much space in your Exchange database? Ever wished you could write “rules” to manage it?

With the ability to report on the characteristics of the Exchange database you can specify rules to reduce its size and insure your retention policies are being followed.

Determine characteristics like

  • Who is using the space
  • What kinds of attachments are being stored
  • How large the attachments are
  • How old is the email
  • How much is internal vs. external mail
  • Much more

Automate rules. For example:

  • After 6 months, remove any attachments that are larger than 2 MB, copy them to a storage device, but leave a link in the email to the storage location
  • After 12 months delete any email sent within the organization
  • If you can dream of the rule, you can write it, simply!

Use this information to reduce Exchange database size for:

  • Faster backups
  • Insurance that your policies are working
  • More reliable Disaster Recovery times

Email Branding

Communicate your company’s image consistently through your employees’ email.

Email Branding – Corporate Email Signature and Disclaimer Solution

  • Ensure professional email communication through consistent signatures and Disclaimers, correct contact information, legal disclaimers, and optionally include marketing information, on all e-mails from your organization.
  • Consistently convey your corporate identity and brand on all emails through centralized control over email signatures
  • A powerful Outlook email signature and Exchange disclaimer solution
  • Offers scheduled email campaigns
  • Easily integrates with Active Directory

Contact us to learn how our e-mail and spam control solutions can make your employees more productive and your business more secure.